4th Call for Transnational Access is now open!

The 4th Call for Transnational Access has just been launched on the Aquaexcel website: www.aquaexcel.eu/call_for_access

Please pass this on to any potential users. The main issue with applications that were not approved for funding was lack of detail on the work to be carried out and lack of justification for the project and how the results would be used.
Please encourage applicants to work with facilities on the detail of the proposal to help increase their chances of success. Greater attention should also be given to the ethical (animal welfare) assessment as most have been too superficial. Over the first 2 calls 50% of the applications have been approved for funding.
Please note the VURH-HEU facility is now closed for TNA.

Deadline for applications: 15th March 2013

More details on: www.aquaexcel.eu/call_for_access or contact John Bostock: j.c.bostock@stir.ac.uk