3rd september


Topic 3 : Integration of Fisheries and Aquaculture industries into planning and management

Moderators: M. Kadota /C. Chabout

L. David 
Synthesis of scientific studies undertaken during six years on the Mediterranean "thonaille" fishery: bycatch and solutions

G. Fabi 
Artificial reefs as fisheries management tools in the northern Adriatic Sea

H. Farrugio 
A Fisheries restricted area in the Gulf of Lions (France)

M. Goujon 
Actions of the French purse-seine industry to reduce its footprint on the tropical pelagic ecosystem

O. Guyader 
Moored Fishing Aggregating Devices exploitation by Small-Scale Fleet in the Caribbean: Review and Outlook after 20 years

Coffee break and Poster Session


R. Parker 
Ecological footprint and life cycle assessment of Antarctic krill fishery products

D. Sauzade 
Mediterranean marine ecosystems: an economic valuation

Topic 4 :Governance system

Moderators: M. Tada / Y. Henocque

B. Cazalet 
Indeterminacy of waters under the jurisdiction in the Mediterranean

J.-M. Fromentin 
Overfishing : the Atlantic bluefin tuna case


Continuing Topic 4 : Governance system

Y. Henocque 
What makes the difference between the ecosystem approach to fisheries and integrated coastal zone management in the Mediterranean: it's the economy, stupid!

S. Miyashita 
Seedling Production of the Pacific Bluefin Tuna.

S. Pioch 
Toward a new coastal development: the 4 dimensional uses of the sea

Coffee break and Poster Session