1st september




Topic 1 : Interaction between aquaculture, fisheries and ecosystem

Moderators: Z. Suzuki / P. Prouzet

P. Addis 
The effects of mining extraction on the Atlantic bluefin tuna ( Thunnus thynnus) trap fishery of Sardinia (Western Mediterranean)

C. Chaboud 
Interactions between industrial shrimp fisheries with other fisheries and the environment. Biological and bio-economic aspects, the examples of Madagascar and French Guyana

A. Fiandrino 

Escherichia coli Maximum allowable daily loads (MADL): an environmental management tool for improving the microbiological quality of the Thau lagoon water (French Mediterranean coast)

P. Guillotreau 
Climate oscillations and tuna-dependent economies

Coffee break

M. Kadota 
An optimization problem of aquaculture and fisheries product

R. Le Boucher 
Can genetic improvement in aquaculture reduce the impact on fisheries? The case of European sea bass ( Dicentrarchus labrax) fed on a totally plant-ingredient based diet.

Z. Suzuki 
Harmonizing aquaculture, fishery and management, challenges in Pacific bluefin tuna


Continuing Topic 1 : Interaction between aquaculture, fisheries and ecosystem

M. Tada 
Regulation on bluefin tuna catch in the Mediterranean sea and the market expansion for the full cycle farmed tuna

S. Voisin 
Methodology for Comparing the Environmental and Socio-Economical Impacts of the Fishery and aquaculture Supply Chains: from wild fish in the water to protein on the consumer plate

Topic 2 : Mitigating measures and good practices in fishing and aquaculture activities

R. Babaran 
Measurement of the resonant vibrations of bamboo used for fish aggregating devices

J.-L. Coeurdacier 
Is global serum protein a good indicator for stress and welfare in reared sea bass

C. Fauvel 
Control of bluefin Tuna reproduction: a condition for self sustained aquaculture

Coffee break and Poster Session

H. Fukuda 
Ontogenetic changes in schooling behaviour and transmission of behaviour between individuals of Pacific bluefin tuna juveniles.

G. Moreno 
Fishers' echo- sounder buoys to study fish aggregations around drifting FADs

T. Yasuda 
Estimating the rate of energy expenditure in red sea bream Pagrus major using an acceleration logger

M. Nalovic 
Reducing the effects of shrimp trawling on the Guyana’s plateau ecosystem