Session poster

Topic 1 : Interaction between aquaculture, fisheries and ecosystem

D. Banaru 
Food web and fisheries interactions in the Gulf of Lions

V. Cikes 
Reproductive cycle and minimal length at sexual maturity of Scomber japonicus (Houttuyn, 1782) in the Middle eastern Adriatic Sea

F. Grati 
Interaction in coastal waters: A roadmap to sustainable integration of aquaculture and fisheries – the COEXIST project

I. Isajlovic 
Preliminary results of the south Adriatic deep sea fauna investigation

Y. Kunimune 
Acoustic telemetry study on seasonal migration patterns of the endemic crucian carp Nigorobuna and Gengoroubuna in Lake Biwa, Japan

Investigating an avian source of shellfish microbial contaminations on Thau in dry weather conditions

N. Staglicic 
Temporal changes in littoral fish assemblages along the eastern Adriatic coast

B. Zorica 
Growth, age - otolith weight and length relationship of garfish in the eastern Adriatic Sea

Topic 2 : Mitigating measures and good practices in fishing and aquaculture activities

J.-L Coeurdacier 
A first approach to investigate alterations, within physiological limits, in serum protein of sea bass ( Dicentrarchus labrax)

N. Di -Meglio 
Endangered species and fisheries in the Western Mediterranean: Which strategy to mitigate the interaction?

J. Franco 
New Designs of Drifting Fish Aggregating Devices to avoid passive catches of sea turtles and sharks

T. Kojima 
Estimation of fish struggle energetics using branch line movement in longline

K. Komeyama 
Measuring the swimming behaviour of a cultivated pacific bluefin tuna in an aquaculture net cage

K. Nagamatsu 
Investigation of submersible net cage movement using a model Orientation changes due to asymmetric surplus buoyancy

M. Pinault 
Artificial reefs as a tool to supply artisanal fishery in Reunion Island: Implementation and scientific evaluation

T. Šegvic Bubic 
Wild fish population around the sea-cages of the eastern Adriatic tuna farms

F. Poisson 
Incidental catches of thresher sharks in the Gulf of Lions (Mediterranean Sea)

Topic 2 : Mitigating measures and good practices in fishing and aquaculture activities

T. Yamane 
Effects of currents and the induced net deformation on set-net fishery, experimental and numerical approach

T. Yamane 
Human impact on the catch composition of traditional set-net operated in the south–basin fishing ground of Lake Biwa

T. Yamane 
Relationship between the discards and catch-diversity of the set-net fishery

T. Yamane 
How to minimize the discards from set-net fishery

Topic 3 : Integration of Fisheries and Aquaculture industries into planning and management

B. Cazalet 
Reflections on the management methods of artificial reefs

F. Claro 
GTMF (Groupe Tortues Marines France) an appropriate tool for sea turtle conservation

Topic 4 :Governance system

J. Barde 
Fisheries Data Integration for Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries

A. Carpentier 
The Charm Project: Defying the Channel’s loss by facing environmental challenges across borders

H. Farrugio 
Monitoring Mediterranean fish stocks and fisheries management measures