All interested authors are invited to submit abstracts on the proposed themes listed below.
Authors may also submit abstracts on other topics relevant to the wider field of coastal and marine science.

The main themes are :

1 - Interaction between aquaculture, fisheries and ecosystem

- biology, technology, economic and social implications for exploited species and species of conservation concern ;
- mutual benefits, seasonality and space conflicts and challenges ;
- market and other anthropic activities effects.

2 - Mitigating measures and good practices in fishing and aquaculture activities

- selective fishing techniques, alternative harvesting methods ;
- new technologies for sustainable aquaculture, feed manufacturing ;
- artificial reefs and restricted fishing area ;
- fish welfare, fish health and fish quality, training.

3 - Integration of Fisheries and Aquaculture industries into planning and management

- dissemination of scientific advices to stakeholders ;
- scale of stakeholders involvement in management ;
- banned fishing techniques and switching gears issue ;
- preservation of traditional and local uses.

4 - Governance system

- multi-scale governance structures ;
- managing multi-species resource uses in a same geographical system area ;
- integrating scientific advices into policy decisions and compliance ;
- conservation initiatives and incentive instruments